the fit to garden program

the fit to garden program

the fit to garden programthe fit to garden programthe fit to garden program

An inclusive gardening program for seniors with or without disabilities

the fit to garden program


A New Concept

Gardening should be something everyone can enjoy, so we're making sure that everyone can. We are combining the expertise of Occupational Therapists in adapting tasks and tools with the knowledge of Master Gardeners to create a new group gardening experience. Whether you have a disability or not, we'll make sure you can experience the joys of a garden!


Get in Shape

Learn a variety of exercises that will help keep you (or get you) fit to garden. We will focus on stretching, protecting our joints, and increasing endurance. As an added bonus, regular exercise helps prevent falls!


Fun and Social

Why garden alone when you can garden as part of a group? Learn from Master Gardeners, Occupational Therapists, and your fellow seniors. We know you'll have fun because we wouldn't have it any other way!

Fit to Garden is a Collaborative Effort